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Have Dreams, Will Travel


Travel. If I had it my way I would spend my life traveling. There’s nothing better than discovering a new city, a new culture and new friends. Unfortunately, for many reasons, I haven’t been able to do as much traveling in the past few years as I would have liked. So when the opportunity arose to travel for a quick trip to Europe, my hubby and I jumped on the chance.


Here’s where I need some advice. I have no idea what I should wear on the plane as I will have to pack mostly winter clothing. Right now I would say that Spring has arrived in Vancouver. Flowers are starting to bloom with crocuses and daffodils on every street corner. I just checked the weather forecast and Warsaw Poland is going to be COLD. We’re talking snow falls and negative temperatures…. what is that all about? My spoiled body isn’t used to that kind of weather anymore as we rarely travel anywhere cold in the winter. This is going to be painful.


So here’s how flight day is going to pan out. We leave at about 7 am in the morning and drive across the border, 3 hours south to Seattle. Not optimal but we’re saving about $1200.00 doing it this way. I know, ridiculous right? The flight takes us direct to Amsterdam where we have a 1.5 hour layover and then it’s onto another plane direct to Warsaw. The whole journey (including the drive) will take about 17 hours so I really need to be comfortable. I like flying in converse because they are soft and I can easily get through security checks in them. I’ll pack a nice long coat which will be perfect for business meetings and going out in the evenings. For day I’m thinking my jacket with the vest (hat and gloves) will be perfect. Not sure if I should wear the vest on the plane though? Maybe too much? Or a large toasty wrap might be better since it can double as a blanket. Any thoughts on this?

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My Marc Jacobs tote was a great purchase and it is a lifesaver. It’s really big and will fit my camera, iPad and everything else that I might need. I’ve learned, through experience, to always pack an extra t-shirt, you never know when you might need it.

So for all of you who frequently travel, or those who, like me, dream of being a frequent traveler, any advice would be much appreciated!

Do you love to travel?

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